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So here it is – a brand new motorhome blog. not that writing a blog is new to me – but there is a story behind this blog venture.   Let me tell you all about it.  Bare with me if you can’t see what this has to do with motorhoming.  All will become clear.

My name is Keith Watson – so I challenge you to work out how I came up with the title for this blog about motorhoming 🙂

A Short Background To Put Things In Place

I have just retired (well sort of – as it is a second retirement) from my business that I have been running with my friend Adam Eason.  Adam has a Hypnotherapy College where he runs many courses on clinical therapies.  Apart from his teaching, Adam with my assistance developed hundreds of audios and videos of self-hypnosis sessions.

I was fascinated by the whole mind approach to health as I had been a nurse for most of my career.  So it was after my retirement about 15 years ago, from my nursing career that I set up a website and online marketing business.

Now I Am Setting Up A New Business

This is my sort of retirement because I am now setting up a new venture and it will be fun and more leisurely pursued.  Adam is continuing with the college but I am going to continue selling the evergreen self-hypnosis products which you can see in my new webstore at

One of the things we talk about in marketing is leverage your content and here goes:-

I have another blog which (play on my name again) – you’ve guessed – is  That is my business venture starting right now.  On 26th of this month I will be 70.  So what a great time to set my goals for the decade ahead.

Now the goals of my wats-on blog website is to set up an affiliate programme to sell the hypnosis audio products.

On that blog I have already stated my personal goals…

My Seventies

  • Not retire completely – but do something I really love
  • Earn money – but in a more relaxed way – passive income an ideal
  • Help other people also make extra money online as affiliates or blog writers.
  • I want to travel and work – motorhome enthusiast
  • Help and support my kids and their families
  • Keep total life balance
  • Help charities and church missions – there is so much poverty and need out there.

OK now here is the issue.

Getting Good Affiliates

I want to support my affiliates who will be out selling my audio products.  However from past experience myself I know that starting up and being successful as an affiliate requires some training.   You have to learn about list building, traffic, e-mail campaigns etc.  Although I could do much of that training myself I have no intention of doing that.  The reason is that I know somebody much better with amazing resources and experience.  It is the person that has been mentoring me through all my market training.  I have done some online market training elsewhere, in the past (lots of it in fact) but this man and his team are the best.  You will have to go to my other blog to find out more about affiliate training and passive income courses.


So my business blog at is all about affiliates and mental health promotion etc.

Because of my health service background and my work with Adam and his mind training therapies – I have only ever really written a blog about physical and mental health issues.  I have never really written a blog about my interests and hobbies.

My online marketing training though has given me that appetite to develop a blog around my personal interests and hobbies.  Motorhomes, travelling, reading and photography.  Furthermore I want to monetize – YES make money from this blog.

Can I do that?   You can come along and see.

I have set myself a task, challenge, go show them how it is done project.  I am actually going to monetize the blog.  There are many reasons why this isn’t the easiest of subjects to make money with online – but why not set the bar high.  I want to demonstrate that given the right approach most niches can provide rich pickings for people who create content that other people want and devour.

The thing is that we all love chatting about the things that grab us and which we have an emotional passion and love for.

As I write this I am currently touring Spain in October (still blooming hot) and I have six stories and funny experiences in my notebook for forth coming blog posts.  People – lovely people – that you meet totally by chance daily when travelling.  Great evenings and stories told with a vino or two.

What do you know a lot about?

Cooking, gardening, sky diving, history and culture, art.

Whatever – there are millions of people that would love the content of your head and the knowledge you can give.

Check Out to find out more.

I would love to help you



I do have:
So I have a motorhome and some knowledge – that is it FULL STOP

I have done some basic research about interest in the subject and the competition.


I don’t have:

  • a motorhome mailing list
  • any web traffic as nobody knows I am here
  • any special contacts
  • free stuff to give away – in marketing that is called lead magnets
  • any sponsorship
  • any adverts – who would advertise on a blog with one post.
  • social media presence
  • no wats-onthego youtube link.

That is my starting point.  NOTHING – ZILCH!

All of that is going to change as rapidly as I can make it.  The actual process and development of this blog will be monitored on my business blog at  You will be able to find out there how effective I have been in growing the motorhome blog.

This blog will now totally stick to motorhome issues – so this is just an introduction to outline my ambitions for this blog.

You could join me today – it will be great for us to travel together.  I probably don’t know you yet – but with the way I travel around who knows when we could shake hands.

OK – You Can Be First On My Mailing List

Nothing to offer you at the moment BUT I would like you to join me from the word go.